Hello there! I’m Laura, and welcome to my site!


Born in Swaziland (but growing up in Dublin, Ireland) my family holidays were a bit different from most. Every two years growing up we’d head over to Swaziland and South Africa to spend three weeks staying in safari parks. I believe this is where my love of not just photography, but photographing animals came from! I would spend the whole holiday on my parents cameras and video recorder trying to get pictures of any animal that would let me get close enough! Fast forward all these years and I’m still doing the same thing! Not just with South African wildlife, but also with your beloved pets!

I’ve always had dogs as long as I can remember and see them as very special family member rather than just a pet. Also, let’s be honest, they’re damn adorable! I can’t walk past any animal without wanting to go and play or just say hi! I’m in this job for cuddles just as much as everything else! Anyway… you can see how my two loves have come together to allow me to form The Wildside Photography.

So why me?

Good question. Why me? Well hopefully if you’ve dived this far into my site it’s because you like the images that I create. Everyone has their own style and I strive to create my own unique aesthetic.

I combine years of experience in a multitude of photography genres to create my signature look. I hope to offer you beautiful, natural images that make stunning additions to your home!

I hope that all this has helped you make your final decision! So go ahead! Click the big BOOK NOW button up in the top corner to get in touch!


Certainly a professional in a field of pet photography! Was more than happy to go that extra mile for us, as taking photographs for a boisterous Jack Russel is no easy task!
— Ben