At The Wildside Photography we know that your pet is part of the family.

Our mission is to not only capture beautiful images of your beloved pet, but to create stunning artwork for your home! Our pets are our family and we want to give you the ability to display them proudly wherever you wish!


Get in touch! It’s time to book!


So you’ve had a look at our mission statement, seen some of our gorgeous previous clients and have decided this is the place for you! All you have to do now is get in touch to start organising your own unique shoot! Simply click the BOOK NOW button up on the top bar to get in touch. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!



Your perfect location


Choosing the right location makes a huge impact on your final images! Do you want an urban shoot? Based around the city you live in? Or maybe you prefer to be in the great outdoors! Or perhaps you really want a nice studio session? Don’t worry! Together, through a pre-consultation, we can work out the best options for you and your pet.


Ordering appointment

This is one of my favourite parts of the whole process as it’s when you get to see your finished images and choose what kind of thing you want to do with them! Together we will go through the images from the shoot and create stunning artwork that suits you. With a wide variety of products you’ll be able to create something that will fit beautifully anywhere you want it to!


My dog isn’t well behaved enough!

Let me guess! You’re thinking your dog is just not going to behave themselves at the photo session! All the dogs you see on this website are perfectly behaved, right? Your dog’s not like them! They’ll never look at the camera or sit still long enough to get a decent picture!

Well guess what! The majority of dogs you see on this website are just like yours! Most of the dogs I photograph are untrained and easily distracted. Some of them are shy, stubborn or nervous around strangers, but no matter what I always manage to get the pictures you see all over my website and social media!

But how you ask! I understand dogs, I know what they can be like! I have some serious patience skills and over time I’ve developed methods of dealing with all kinds of pet personalities so I can achieve my goals! Creating beautiful art work just for you!

So please, don’t let your dog’s behaviour hold you back from booking.